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Green Intelligence|Henan Kuangshan Crane for Baosteel Silicon Steel Project Passes Expert A Inspection

22 Sep, 2023 Baosteel Silicon Steel Project2

Henan Kuangshan Crane based on intelligent, green, high-quality development of intelligent manufacturing advantages, the implementation of high-quality goods strategy, to help Baosteel silicon steel annual capacity of 80,000 tons of very low-loss oriented silicon steel products dedicated production line to achieve green manufacturing.


June 26-28, by the Baosteel Silicon Steel Division, China's twenty Metallurgical Group Company Limited, the European Metallurgical Industrial Products Company Limited, Shanghai Baosteel Engineering Consulting Company Limited, Dalian Baoxin Lifting Technology Company Limited, Shanghai JinYi Detection Technology Company Limited composed of A inspection team of experts on the company's commitment to the optimization of the Baosteel share oriented silicon steel product structure (two-step) project Crane products for acceptance, strict quality control, equipment state running well, to meet the contractual technical agreement and A test outline standards, successfully passed the expert A test.

The project crane products, partially unmanned control, equipped with wireless positioning tracking system, full frequency conversion, energy saving and high efficiency.

The project team viewed the crane information in detail, each inspection item is in line with the requirements of the A inspection outline.A inspection experts on the company's quality control system and product quality inspection results were highly evaluated.

The company's large project office organized the process department, technology department, quality assurance department, production department and production team and other relevant personnel to cooperate with the A inspection, strict control of the details, A inspection work was a complete success.

Baosteel Silicon Steel Project

The project A inspection successfully passed

Marks the Henan Kuangshan Crane and Baosteel shareholding

Ten years of strategic cooperation

A new chapter!

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