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Electromagnet in Crane

Crane electromagnet is a special kind of electromagnet that uses the sucked object as an armature. It is a device that uses the physical quantity of electricity and magnetism to suck ferromagnetic substances.

Applicable to many industries

Lifting electromagnet is an indispensable lifting tool for lifting steel and other magnetically conductive materials in metallurgy, mining, machinery, shipbuilding, transportation, waste plant, etc. In some fields, it is also used as electromagnetic manipulator, magnetic centering. Bar sizing with many other aspects. After years of promotion and application, lifting electromagnet has been widely expanded, due to the diversity of sucked objects, lifting electromagnet structure, magnetic circuit distribution, manufacturing process is also different, so the formation of a number of series of products, highly targeted.


  1. Adopting fully sealed structure, good moisture-proof performance: the non-magnetic protection plate adopts rolled manganese plate, good weldability good isolation magnetic performance, wear-resisting, impact-resisting.
  2. Through the digestion of foreign advanced technology, and after improvement and innovation, and computer optimization design. The structure of the product is reasonable, light weight, large suction force, low energy consumption.
  3. Excitation coil is treated by special technology, which improves the electrical and mechanical properties of the coil, and the heat-resistant grade of the insulating material reaches C grade with long service life.
  4. Ordinary electromagnet rated duration from the past 50% to 60%, improve the use of electromagnet efficiency.
  5. Ultra-high-temperature type electromagnet adopts unique heat insulation and anti-heat radiation measures, the temperature of the sucked object from the past 600 ° C to 700 ° C, expanding the scope of application of the electromagnet.
  6. Provide control cabinet, cable reel and other auxiliary equipment, complete sets of good.
  7. Installation, operation and maintenance are easy.
1 Lifting Electromagnet for Turning and Side Hung
Lifting Electromagnet for Turning and Side Hung>

It is suitable for the inspection of the upper and lower surfaces of slabs and for turning during finishing, and it can also be used for the lifting of thick slabs and pipe billets. When using a crane with a guide column, it is possible to turn the slab by 180° while it is being lifted. ...Read More >

1 Lifting Electromagnet for Thick Plate
Lifting Electromagnet for Thick Plate>

According to the characteristics of large magnetic conductivity of the whole steel plate, it has the features of light weight and large suction force. It is used for lifting large steel ingots, continuous casting slabs and thick steel plates. In order to avoid tilting due to eccentricity when lifting slabs over 6m, please use two sets of joint cranes. ...Read More >

1 Specialized electromagnet for lifting steel plates
Specialized Electromagnet for Lifting Steel Plates>

Used for lifting steel strip coils. Divided into vertical lifting type, horizontal lifting type and general-purpose type (can be lifted both vertically and horizontally). High-temperature special electromagnet is specially used in the new annealing process of coiled plate, which can work in the high temperature of 100C~600°C, and can be used to lift strip coils vertically or horizontally. ...Read More >

1 Lifting electromagnets for lifting steel plates
Lifting Electromagnets for Lifting Steel Plates>

It can lift and transport medium and thick steel plates. Suitable for medium-thickness steel plate factory, shipbuilding factory, machinery manufacturing factory and so on. ...Read More >

1 Lifting Electromagnet for Heavy Rail and Profiled Steel
Lifting Electromagnet for Heavy Rail and Profiled Steel>

It can lift heavy rails, profiles, shaped billets, etc. It is especially suitable for lifting bundled profiles. ...Read More >

1 Lifting Electromagnet for High Speed WierCoiled Bar
Lifting Electromagnet for High Speed Wier(Coiled Bar)>

This series is specially used for lifting discs, its magnetic pole structure can be adapted to different diameters of discs, the choice of electromagnet depends on the length of discs, both along the length of the electromagnet lifting bundles of discs, and also along the direction of the width of the bundles can be lifted, can be provided with more than one and can be used in the same way, and can be individually on, off, convenient for loading operations. ...Read More >

1 Lifting Electromagnet for Rebar and Steel Pipe
Lifting Electromagnet for Rebar and Steel Pipe>

It is suitable for lifting round billets, steel pipes, etc. It can also be used for lifting billets, ingots and large-sized primary billets and sections. ...Read More >

1 Lifting Electromagnet for Bundled Rebar and Profiled Steel
Lifting Electromagnet for Bundled Rebar and Profiled Steel>

To lift bars, flat iron, angles, etc., which are not bundled or are simply bundled. ...Read More >

1 Lifting Electromagnet for Billet Girder Billet and Slab
Lifting Electromagnet for Billet, Girder Billet and Slab>

The most widely used rectangular electromagnet is mainly suitable for lifting billets, ingots and large primary billets, etc. It can also be used for lifting round billets and steel sections. Different magnetic circuit designs are used for different types of steel. ...Read More >

2 Square Lifting Electromagnet for Steel Scraps
Lifting Electromagnet for Steel Scraps>

It is used for sucking and lifting cast iron ingots, steel balls, pig iron pieces, machine added chips; all kinds of miscellaneous iron, furnace return materials, cutting head of foundry; baling scrap steel and so on. In the slag treatment process, it is used to remove large iron pieces in the first stage, in addition, it is used to lift iron powder in the coal washing plant and so on. ...Read More >

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