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Metallurgy Industrial Crane

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Metallurgy industrial Overhead cranes are designed to be operated efficiently, uninterruptedly and safely in continuous use. Has a leading technology, high performance, worth having.

Normally there are four beams and two trolleys assembled on the crane, laminated ladle hook is equipped on the main trolley for lifting the ladle, and Aux trolley is for overturning the ladle and other assistant handing. This makes the operation more safety.

Generally applicable to the ambient temperature of -10 ℃ to +60 ℃, metallurgy industrial crane mainly used in metal smelting, processing and hot rolled special cranes.

Features and Advantages

  • The electrical appliance is installed inside of the main girder with heat insulation device and cooling device, the crane can work efficiently under harsh conditions such as high temperature and dust-laden.
  • All parts of the mechanical and electrical equipment are designed so that they are easily accessible from permanent service platforms for adjustment, lubrication, inspection, maintenance and repair.
  • Advanced crane control features executed with modern automation technology help guide the operator in precise placement and safe transport of the load along its path.
  • We are committed to providing customers with better design and more considerable after-sales service.

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