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Taicang Port Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane

19 Jun, 2024

Taicang Port Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane

Recently, good news came from Taicang Port: two RMG container gantry cranes manufactured by Henan Kuangshan Crane were successfully delivered. This marks another masterpiece by Henan Kuangshan Crane following major projects this year, such as those with China Railway, China Railway First Group, Dongfanghong (International) Land Port, Jinzhou Port, and Guisheng Group. This achievement highlights the increasing innovation and creative capabilities of Henan Kuangshan. It plays a significant role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of Taicang Port, supporting its development as a national logistics hub.

Taicang Port RMG Container Gantry Crane

On December 29, 2021, the dedicated railway line for port clearance at Taicang Port was officially opened. This dedicated line is one of the 12 key rail-water intermodal connectivity projects on the Yangtze River trunk line, as designated by the National Development and Reform Commission. The opening of this line marks the end of Taicang Port, the largest port on the Yangtze River, operating without railway access and will enable the port to have rail-water intermodal capabilities.

Taicang Port

Henan Kuangshan Crane manufactured a batch of container gantry cranes for Taicang Port, featuring variable frequency speed control and Siemens PLC control systems. These rail-mounted gantry cranes are equipped with a Remote Control and Monitoring System (RCMS) and operation functions. Additionally, they are fitted with anti-sway systems and container truck lifting prevention systems. Through automatic container searching and intelligent control, they achieve zeroing monitoring and automatic guiding of the spreaders, ensuring precise positioning for container handling. The rail-mounted container gantry cranes utilize a circular trolley as the lifting mechanism, adapting to complex handling positions and significantly improving the efficiency of loading and unloading containers. The use of a structural spreader with upper and lower rack designs allows for spreader interchangeability, meeting Taicang Port's requirements for handling various cargo types.

Taicang Port has established an integrated port and shipping service platform, with an integrated supervision model at the port that facilitates information sharing and real-time communication among port units, inspection centers, terminal yards, and agency companies. This has reduced the average container clearance time by 20 hours per shipment, with the process duration compressed by an average of 87.7%.

In 2021, Taicang container lines throughput exceeded 7 million TEUs for the first time. The port has maintained the highest container throughput on the Yangtze River for 12 consecutive years, the highest in Jiangsu Province for 4 consecutive years, and has risen to the 8th position nationwide. As an essential public infrastructure, the port is a cornerstone of regional economic development. Achieving an annual container throughput of over 7 million TEUs marks a new milestone in Taicang Port's capability to support the local economy.

Taicang Port Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane picture

Taicang Port is a major carrier area for the Jiangsu Port National Logistics Hub and has a broad market prospect in the Yangtze River Delta. Henan Kuangshan custom-made rail-mounted container gantry cranes for Taicang Port, which were delivered on time and with high quality despite tight schedules and heavy tasks. The successful operation of these gantry cranes will significantly enhance the port's container handling capacity with high-quality product service and excellent container yard loading and unloading operations, providing technical and equipment support for the port's overall operations.

In the future, Henan Kuangshan Crane will engage in deeper cooperation with Taicang Port, helping it leverage its geographical advantages at the intersection of the "Belt and Road" Initiative and the Yangtze River Economic Belt. Together, they aim to build an international port serving the "Maritime Silk Road."

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