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Explosion-proof Electric Hoist


This is a kind of small-sized lifting equipment which is small volume, light weight, huge lifting capacity. When workshop filled with explosive mixture, in order to ensure safe premise, explosion-proof electric hoist is necessary and favorable equipment to improve labor conditions and labor productivity. It can be suspended on I- beam track for straight or curve traversing, or mounted on a fixed frame to lift heavy material.

  • Can be hanged on the I beam rail and do straight or curve operation.
  • Can be installed on the fixed support as a use of weight lifting.
  • Can be equipped with explosion-proof single-girder and double-girder.
  • Secially used in the space which full of the explosive mixture.
  • Can ensure workers safety effectively because of its sparkle proof materials.

  • Configurations

  • Capacity:  0. 5T-80T; customized accepted;

    Lift height: ≥6M basic, customized accepted;

    Motor: Kuangshan brand or Nanjing brand;

    Ex-proof grade: Exib II AT, Exib II BT, Exib II CT;

    IP protection grade: IP55-IP65;

    Electric control panel: Schneider brand;

    Work duty: A3-A5;

  • Fully customized solutionsare available ahead standard configurations.

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