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Australian customer orders kbk overhead cranes2

Australian Customer Orders Jib Crane and Single Girder Overhead Cranes

Location: Australian Date: 24 May, 2024

Project Details : Product: Free standing jib crane Country: Malaysia Capacity: 250kg Arm length: 3m Lift height under hook: 4m Lift speed: 6.8m/min Cross travel speed: 11m/min Rotation degree: 180° Rotation speed: manual Work duty: A3 Power supply: 240v 50hz single phase Product: KBK Type Overhead Crane Country: Zealand Capacity: 250kg Crane beam length: 8m Lifting height: 3.6m […] ...Read More >

overhead crane Exported to Saudi Arabia4

Overhead Cranes, Jib Crane and Hoists Exported to Saudi Arabia

Location: Saudi Arabia Date: 24 May, 2024

Project Details : Country: Saudi Arabia Overhead crane Model: double girder overhead crane Capacity: 5 ton Span: 16.98m Lift height: 7m Motors: ABM/SEW Jib Crane Model: free standing jib crane Capacity: 3 ton Arm length: 5 m Lift height: 3.6m Used indoor Electric hoist Model:EQ type electric chain hoist Capacity:7.5 ton Lift height:9m We are delighted to announce […] ...Read More >

Double girder crane export to Thailand850 350

Two Sets Double Girder EOT Crane Export to Thailand

Location: Thailand Date: 12 Mar, 2024

Project Details : Country: Thailand Double girder EOT crane Capacity: 30/10t Span: 22.5m Lifting height: 12.6m Main Lifting apeed: 3/0.3m/min Aux Lifting apeed: 0.7/7m/min Work duty: A4 380V/50HZ/3AC In the year 2023, our company had the privilege of providing a double-girder crane to a valued customer in Thailand. This customer was impressed with the performance and reliability of […] ...Read More >

Double girder overhead crane parts export to Russia Packaging850 350

2Sets Double Girder Overhead Crane Parts Export to Russia

Location: Russia Date: 12 Mar, 2024

Project Details : Country: Russia Double girder overhead crane Capacity: 32/5t Span: 20.6m Lifting height: 18/20m Work duty: A3 Total sets crane without main beam Double girder EOT crane Capacity: 110/20t Span: 14.5m Lifting height: 12/13m Work duty: A3 Total sets crane without main beam In the past two months, we have dedicated ourselves to completing a non-standard […] ...Read More >

Electric cars are exported to Zambia1

Transfer Cart Exported to Zambia

Location: Zambia Date: 25 Jan, 2024

Project Details : Country:Zambia Model: Rail Type Transfer Cart Capacity: 25 ton Table size: 3,150*3,150mm Traveling speed:1-10m/min (VFD speed) Cart height: 510mm (from ground rail top to the top rail on the table) Feed way: cable reel + cable (included) Motor power: 2.2kw Motor quantity: 2 set Control way: pendent control + remote control Power supply:380V50HZ3PH Packaging:Width of […] ...Read More >

85 Pcs Casting Wheel Export to Egypt2

85 Pcs Casting Crane Wheel Exported to Egypt

Location: Egypt Date: 24 Jan, 2024

Project Details : Country: Egypt Applicable products: Overhead crane and gantry crane We are pleased to announce that we have successfully exported 85 pieces of casting wheels to our valued customer in Egypt. This customer is a regular buyer of crane wheels from us and relies on our products to replace the wheels on their machines. Our customer has always […] ...Read More >

10 Ton Single Girder Overhead Crane Exports to Saudi Arabia1 1

10 Ton Single Girder Overhead Crane Exports to Saudi Arabia

Location: Saudi Arabia Date: 03 Nov, 2023

Project Details : Country: Saudi Arabia Item: European single girder overhead crane (without electric hoist) Capacity: 10 ton Span: 12.825m Lift height: 6m Long travel speed: 3.2-32m/min Control way: pendent control Work duty: FEM 2M Long travel motor: SEW Main electrical component: Schneider Inverter brand: Schneider Power supply: 380V 60HZ 3PH This client, a valued regular customer, has […] ...Read More >

Saudi Arabia Purchases Jib Crane1

Our Regular Client From Saudi Arabia Purchases Jib Crane From Us Again

Location: Saudi Arabia Date: 18 Sep, 2023

Project Details :   BZ type Free Standing Jib Crane Capacity: 3 ton Arm length: 5m Lift height: 5m Lift speed: dual speed, fast/creep speed Crane work duty: ISO A3 Power supply:380V BX type Wall Mounted Jib Crane Capacity: 1 ton Arm length: 4m Lift height: 5m Lift speed: dual speed, fast/creep speed Crane work duty: ISO A3 […] ...Read More >

Europe double girder overhead crane delivered to Bahrain1

Hoist Factory Approached Us To Work Together On A Bahraini Overhead Crane Project

Location: Bahraini Date: 07 Sep, 2023

Project Details :   NLH European Double Girder Overhead Crane Country: Bahrain Tonnage: 10 tons Span: 24.44m The client is a hoist factory, they operate German brand hoist. We supply the crane girder, end frame and complete electrical control system. They match the hoist and work together to fulfill this crane order. Especially this time, the voltage of […] ...Read More >

Succeed installation for 360t casting crane1

Succeed Installation For 360T Casting Crane

Location: Luzhou,China Date: 17 Jun, 2022

Project Details :   The 360t casting crane is one of the representative works of our products, and it is currently the largest casting crane in China. The beam and trolley frame of the crane are integrally processed by the company’s large-scale processing equipment, which effectively improves the assembly accuracy and performance; It has the functions of fault […] ...Read More >


400T Double Girder Crane Was Successfully Installtion

Location: Taian,China Date: 17 Jun, 2022

Project Details :   The 400t double girder crane was successfully installtion and commission in client’s workshop. ...Read More >


Product Shipment to Canada based on Transfer cart project

Location: Saskatchewan Canada Date: 19 Sep, 2018

Project Details :   We got the inquiry for 28t transfer cart since Nov. 2017. Client needs the cart to work 3 trips per day, 1000m long travel length. As the floor has been completely concrete surface, it would be difficult to build rail and rebuild the floor. So we designed trackless type for them, which can travel […] ...Read More >

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Intelligent storage crane | “First Show” in the agricultural field

Location: Shandong, China Date: 18 Sep, 2018

Project Details : In the field of agricultural, it is a trend of using intelligent machinery instead of manual work. Henan Mine(Kuangshan) has outstanding performance in the lifting industry, and is the first to introduce intelligent lifting machinery into the field of agricultural industrial transportation. Shandong Jinxiang, The famous “Hometown of Garlic” in the country. The cultivation of garlic has a long history. […] ...Read More >

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20t double beam overhead crane exported to Bangladesh

Location: Bangladesh Date: 27 Jun, 2017

Project Details : This new customer from Bangladesh, they need our help to repair these exist crane which bought from another henan crane factory, they got our contact information from our old customer who bought many sets crane from our factory. ...Read More >

ks 10

Four sets battery transfer car and 13sets turntable plate exported to Saudi Arabia

Location: Saudi Arabia Date: 27 Dec, 2016

Project Details : At 18th Jan 2014, we got one inquiry from Mr.Basem, who is the manager of ALMAJDOUIE. After compare with other company, he sent one email through One steel structure company designed new workshop drawing for ALMAJDOUIE, and it need more than 30 sets crane in the new workshop. Due to designer not professional design crane support beam, Mr. Basem find our company(Henan Kuangshan Crane Co) and let us help them solve this problem. ...Read More >

ks 11

Semi single girder gantry crane Myanmar

Location: Myanmar Date: 22 Dec, 2016

Project Details : Recently our factory is responsible to design and manufacture two sets of semi gantry crane for one client from Myanmar, who specialize in the glass products. He want to add two cranes to lift and transport his glass products in the stocking area. ...Read More >

Two Set Gantry Crane and Four Set Overhead Crane Exported to Tajikistan 5

Two Set Gantry Crane and Four Set Overhead Crane Exported to Tajikistan

Location: Tajikistan Date: 16 Oct, 2016

Project Details : This one client is specialized in the Mining and beneficiation of non-ferrous metal lead-zinc mine. Before this order, they purchased five set single girder overhead crane for their Air compressor workshop. So this time, we provide the best price and payment term to thanks for their support and maintain the relationship of cooperation. Client plan […] ...Read More >

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25 Ton Double Girder Overhead Crane installed in Nigeria

Location: Nigeria Date: 21 Aug, 2015

Project Details : One set of 25 ton double girder overhead crane was installed in Nigeria dated on 25th, Jul.2015 for one of our clients, who mainly produce the plastic chairs ...Read More >

Low Headroom Type Single Girder overhead Crane 1

Low Headroom Type Single Girder Overhead Crane

Location: Philippines Date: 10 Dec, 2014

Project Details : At 10th Dec, 2014, 3 sets of 5t HD Single Girder Overhead Crane is delivered to Philippines. This crane will be used inside steel workshop to lift steel plate. Our client Mr. Gilbert have requirement of lift height, but the workshop's height is limited. Therefore, we choose the HD type Single Girder Overhead Crane with […] ...Read More >

ks 12

Spotless Explosion-proof Fully Automatic Double Girder Overhead Crane

Location: Jiangsu, China Date: 07 Jun, 2014

Project Details : 16th, Sept. is a big day for our factory, we are responsible to manufacture and install the First one set spotless explosion-proof fully automatic double girder double girder overhead crane in China, which filled the gap of overhead crane used in the semiconductor industry. ...Read More >

ks 9

8 Sets of Wall Mounted Jib Crane Installed in Peru

Location: Lima, Peru Date: 10 Mar, 2014

Project Details : Because client's project is urgent, it takes not too much time from discussing solution and place order. Thanks for client's trust and our engineer's effort. ...Read More >

Low Headroom Type Single Girder Gantry Crane

Low Headroom Type Single Girder Gantry Crane

Location: Argentina Date: 16 Oct, 2013

Project Details : Solved Problem: This time share one classic case Which one crane i should choose about the Overhead Crane and Gantry Crane used indoor. We received an inquiry about crane from Client from Argentina, who plan to use the crane in his workshop. But don't know which crane is suitable. The problems we meet during this […] ...Read More >

ks 7

6 Ton Single Girder Gantry Crane Installed in Zimbabwe

Location: Zimbabwe Date: 17 Mar, 2013

Project Details : One client leave massage on our website, requesting for quotation about two sets single girder gantry crane. Sales Representative quickly respond and work closely with the customer to learn their specific needs, workflow and expectations. ...Read More >

ks 8

60 T Crane hook block delivered to Vetnam

Location: Vung Tau city, Vietnam Date: 20 Sep, 2012

Project Details : Last week i was busy delivering the 60T crane hook to our client, who are a famous manufacturer of lifting appliance in Vietnam. He has an order of lifting appliance including two parts - lifting beam and crane hook block, and they are capable to do the lifting beam, but the crane hook block is out of his business range. ...Read More >

ks 13

Two Sets 40.5 Ton Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane

Location: Lanzhou, China Date: 03 May, 2012

Project Details : Two Sets 40.5Ton Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane has officially come into service, designed and manufactured by our factory for Lanzhou International Port Bureau. The design and manufacture has come to the national industrial advanced level, the crane parts adopt the international brand, and the cranes (work duty:A8) are suitable for 24 hours and four season working requirement. ...Read More >

100 30 Ton Double Girder Overhead Crane 4


Location: Indonesia Date: 15 Dec, 2011

Project Details : The 100/30 Ton Double Girder Overhead Crane is designed and manufactured by our factory for PT Gorda Prima Steelworks (Indonesia). This project is our one key project in 2011year, our management give the strict request to the production department to guarantee the quality and delivery time and appoint the special team of supervision to monitor the […] ...Read More >

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