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Grab Bucket

Grab is a special tool for cranes to grab dry bulk cargo.Two or more barrel-shaped flat plates that can be opened and closed are combined to form a container space.When loading, the raft is closed in the material pile, the material is captured in the container space, and the raft is in the pile during unloading.When the upper suspension state is opened, the material is scattered on the pile, and the opening and closing of the seesaw is usually controlled by the rope of the crane hoisting mechanism.Grab operation does not require heavy physical labor, can achieve higher loading and unloading efficiency and ensure safety.It is the main dry bulk cargo handling tool in the port.According to the type of goods, it can be divided into ore grabbing, coal grabbing, grain grabbing, and wood grabbing.

According to the transmission mode, it can be divided into two types: hydraulic grab and mechanical grab.

Grab bucket is an efficient tool for loading and unloading sands, coal, mineral powder and bulk chemical fertilizer.The mechanical structure for opening/closing is succinct and original. It is easy to use and can work under any circumstances in order. The grab bucket is equipped for the crane which has two hoisting drums and used for grabbing bulk materials.

Now the grabs are widely used in ports, electricity, vessel, metallurgy, preservation and transportation, and are exported in batches.

Hydraulic grab

The hydraulic grab is equipped with an opening and closing mechanism, which is usually driven by a hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic grab composed of several jaw plates is also called hydraulic grab. Hydraulic grab is widely used in hydraulic special equipment, such as hydraulic excavator, hydraulic elevator, etc.

Materials suitable for grabbing:

  • Double flap grab - material particle size ≤ 30mm bulk materials, such as coal, yellow sand, small ore (powder), etc;
  • Multi flap hydraulic grab - material particle size >  30mm bulk materials, such as all kinds of large ores, massive rocks, waste steel raw materials, garbage, straw, etc.

Main parameters of Grab:

  • Rated lifting weight: 3.2t~30.0t;
  • Grab volume -0.10m3~60.0m3.

There are two kinds of hydraulic grab for excavator, rotating and non rotating. The non rotating grab adopts the oil circuit of excavator bucket oil cylinder, and there is no need to add hydraulic valve block and pipeline; A set of hydraulic valve blocks and pipelines shall be added to the grab with rotation.

Especially the application occasions of hydraulic grab of excavator:

  • Excavation of building foundation, deep pit excavation and loading of mud, sand, coal and gravel.
  • It is especially suitable for excavation and loading on one side of ditches or confined spaces.
  •  Applicable to loading and unloading of ships, trains and automobiles.

Mechanical grab

The mechanical grab itself is not equipped with an opening and closing mechanism, which is generally driven by the external force of the rope or connecting rod.

Grab the bucket with ropes

  • Double rope double flap grab. Double rope multi flap grab;
  • Four rope double flap grab. Four rope multi flap grab;
  • Single cable touchdown double flap grab, single cable touchdown open multi flap grab.

Main parameters of Grab

  •  Rated lifting weight: 3.2t~63.0t;
  • Grab volume -0.20m3~60.0m3.

Special grab

  • Wood grab (single rope, four rope, electric) is suitable for grabbing: long logs;
  • Funnels (single cable, double cable, four cable, hydraulic and electric) are suitable for grasping: grain, fertilizer, cement, etc;
  • Suitable for grabbing materials: crop straw (single rope, double rope, four rope, hydraulic, electric).

Dredging grab

Dredging grab (double rope, four rope, double petal and toothed) is suitable for grabbing materials: underwater sediment, loose rock, coral reef, low-density clay, etc.

Wireless remote control grab

Wireless remote control grab (double lobe, multi lobe) is suitable for grasping materials: multi lobe grab - particle size of materials > Φ 30mm bulk cargo, such as various large ores, massive rocks, scrap steel, garbage, straw, etc.

Features and Advantages

  • Using 3D Virtual Design,
  • By Collision and Interference Checking and taking Dynamic Simulation Test, the products can be showed in the stage of design intuitively, which can secure the product's quality and outward appearance.

Technical Specification
Model Volume
( m3 )
Type Rate material
( t/m3 )
Pulley rate Pulley dia Rope dia Grab selfweight
( t )
Using cranecapacity
U1 1 Heavy >1.8~2.9 5 Ø350 Ø14-16 2.1 5
U2 1.5 middle >1.0~1.8 5 Ø350 Ø14-16 2.25 5
U3 2.5 Light >0.5~1.0 3 Ø350 Ø14-16 2.38 5
U4 2 Heavy >1.8~2.9 5 Ø500 Ø18-20 3.94 10
U5 3 Middle >1.0~1.8 5 Ø500 Ø18-20 4.4 10
U6 5 Light >0.5~1 3 Ø500 Ø18-20 4.6 10
U7 3 heavy >1.8~2.9 5 Ø610 Ø21.5 6.4 15
U8 4.5 middle >1.0~1.8 5 Ø610 Ø21.5 6.98 15
U21 2.5 light 0.86 4 Ø400 Ø16 10.3 2.83
U27 2 middle >1.0~1.6 5 Ø400 Ø16 12.2 2.5

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