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Explosion-proof Crane


Why should you choose anti-explosion cranes?

Sometimes, crane will be used in a hazardous environment, which is full with corrosive air ignitable fumes, explosive air, and abrasive dust. Work in such environment is risk. Anti-explosion cranes can efficiently protect workers and equipments.

Kuangshan cranes offer wide range of hazardous area equipment, including cranes, hoists and all related components. When the crane is used in some dangerous place, like chemical or petrochemical plants, oil refineries, gas power plants, waste water treatment plants, and paint shops, all strategic components, which include wire rope hoists, chain hoists, traveling machineries, end carriages and crane controls, should be specially designed and manufactured to ensure the highest safety level required.

Explosion-proof standards

As for the ex-proof standard, usually we use ExedⅡC T6. “Ex” is the symbol of ex-proof. “Ed” means ex-proof grade. “ⅡC” represent different air groups. “T6” is the group of different temperature. More details of ex-proof standards can be found in the following tables, hope they can help choose the most suitable products.

Table 1-Temperature Classes

Surface's Highest Temperature Corresponding Symbol
450℃ T1
300℃ T2
200℃ T3
135℃ T4
100℃ T5
85℃ T6

Table 2– Groups of Distinctive Air

Classification of explosive air Typical
ⅡA Propane
ⅡB Ethylene
ⅡC Hgdrogen

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