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The party of Henan Kuangshan Mine Crane for Chinese New Year
28 Jan, 2019

 You can get all the money you count by finger within 10 minutes!...Read More >

See How The EOT Crane Take Fairy To Fly
28 Jan, 2019

What is the transportation way of the fairy? Pumpkin Carriage? No, it can be crane. The new type clean crane by Henan Kuangshan Crane, has function of anti-swing. See how a crane take a fairy fly:...Read More >

HENAN MINE丨The intelligent manufacturing industrial park project started.
24 Dec, 2018

On the morning of December 24, 2018, the colorful flags in the industrial gathering area of Changchun County were fluttering. More than 100 congratulations were on display in the wind, and dozens of excavators were ready to be installed. The groundbreaking ceremony for the “Henan Mine Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park Project” was held here. The […]...Read More >

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HENAN MINE丨The Special Gifts For Workers
23 Dec, 2018

Special gift, warm home! Cui Peijun, founder of Henan Mine, issued a special welfare to the staff! All the company’s business managers, employees and their immediate family members need to use the vehicle for marriage. The company will be supply free carts including the world’s top Harley-Davidson, the flagship business car Mercedes-Benz Maybach S600, Hummer […]...Read More >

The On-site Exchange Meeting On The Quality Improvement Of The national cranes was held in Changyuan County.
07 Dec, 2018

On 7th December 2018, the on-site exchange meeting on the quality improvement of the national cranes was held in Changyuan County. Leaders of the Special Equipment Bureau of the State Administration of Markets:Jia Guodong, Gao Jixuan, Yang Zeshi, Zhang Hongwei, and leaders of the Henan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau Tang Yuanyou, Yang Ziming and some local city supervision bureaus, […]...Read More >

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