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2Sets Double Girder Overhead Crane Parts Export to Russia

12 Mar, 2024

Country: Russia
Double girder overhead crane
Capacity: 32/5t
Span: 20.6m
Lifting height: 18/20m
Work duty: A3
Total sets crane without main beam

Double girder EOT crane
Capacity: 110/20t
Span: 14.5m
Lifting height: 12/13m
Work duty: A3
Total sets crane without main beam

In the past two months, we have dedicated ourselves to completing a non-standard customization project for a Russian crane factory. These special cranes are specifically designed for use in aluminum plants, which require unique modifications to meet the specific demands of the environment. To ensure optimal performance, we incorporated additional features such as encoders and PLC systems into the cranes.

One of the key challenges we faced during the customization process was transportation. Since the mode of transportation for these cranes is by truck, we had to carefully consider the dimensions and weight of the crane parts. To make transportation easier, we made the decision to cut certain parts of the crane so that they could be more efficiently transported to the customer's factory. This required precise engineering and careful planning to ensure that the functionality and structural integrity of the cranes were not compromised.

Our customer, a crane factory in Russia, chose to purchase all the components for their cranes from our company, with the exception of the main beam. This speaks to the trust and confidence they have in the quality and reliability of our products. Before the shipment, the customer visited our factory to conduct rigorous testing, and we are proud to say that they were extremely satisfied with the performance and durability of our crane parts. Their satisfaction and expressed intention to establish a long-term partnership with us are a testament to the exceptional quality and service we provide.

Throughout this project, we have demonstrated our ability to provide non-standard customization to meet the unique requirements of our customers. We understand that each industry has its own specific needs and challenges, and we are committed to delivering tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

Double girder overhead crane parts export to Russia Packaging

Double girder overhead crane parts export to Russia

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