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Avoid Accidents: Must-Follow EOT Crane Lifting Safety Precautions

01 Nov, 2023 EOT Crane Lifting Safety Precautions13

Eot cranes play a vital role in a variety of construction sites and industrial areas, where they efficiently lift and carry heavy loads to facilitate the smooth running of a job. However, along with their power of function comes the potential for danger, and crane accidents can result in serious injuries, deaths and property damage if they are not operated correctly or if safety measures are ignored. Therefore, it becomes crucial to ensure the safe operation of cranes, which not only require professionally trained operators, but also follow strict operating procedures and safety measures. Below are some of the key points and tips for lifting operation safety to ensure safe, efficient and smooth operation of the site.

EOT Crane Lifting Safety Precautions

Before starting crane operations

  • Commanders, drivers and other operators engaged in lifting machinery must be trained and certified.
  • Before moving the traveling crane, there is no abnormal condition before and after, and look at the direction tips.
  • Routine inspection must be carried out before traveling crane operation. Wire rope, chain rise through the place; limit device; traveling car anti-collision device; prevent hook off device; confirm the key reaction and operation method.

Safety of hook lifting

  • Even if there is the slightest doubt about the safety of the hook, the hook should be re-checked and re-installed.
  • The steel plate clamp is most likely to fall off when it leaves the ground, so be sure to keep an eye on the steel plate clamp.
  • Confirm the direction of operation, avoid pressing the wrong button, and try to operate the hook slightly first to make sure there is no problem before continuing the operation.

Whether the lifting object is shaking or not

  • When lifting, make sure the hook is at the center of gravity of the object.
  • Operate carefully and gently, don't operate too violently.
  • When lifting objects, do not move the traveling crane.

Lifting objects and the conditions around the traveling crane

  • When lifting, do not let the lifted objects hit other objects.
  • When traveling, be careful to avoid collision with other vehicles.
  • When the traveling vehicle and the lifted objects are moving, the glasses should pay attention to their action dynamics.
  • When the traveling car moves, you confirm your position, to be easy to see easy to pass the place of operation.
  • The operator should stand at the rear side of the article, to watch the walking direction of the article potential situation.
  • When the item is placed or run, must pay attention to the surrounding situation, especially not easy to see the place.
  • Whether the access road is safe. As far as possible to pass from the unobstructed place.
  • It is forbidden to pass on top of a person, if you need to pass the work position where another person is, you must remind the person to avoid it immediately!

Whether it is safe around the object

  • When landing, lifting items, pay attention not to tilt, to avoid tipping over.
  • Stand as far away from the stacked products as possible to prevent the products from collapsing.
  • Products should be stacked neatly and safely.
  • Precautionary measures should be considered in advance to prevent falling in places where there is a danger.
  • When lifting on a truck, be careful not to fall down because of the narrow place.

Pay attention to safety when stopping the truck

  • Be sure to turn off the main power button when the truck is not in use.
  • Do not allow the button box to be placed on the ground or lying around when the truck is in operation or stopped.

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