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Congratulations on the Successful Launch of Shenzhou 17, Henan Kuangshan Bridge Crane helps China’s aerospace

27 Nov, 2023 Henan Mining Bridge Crane helps Chinas aerospace

Congratulations on the successful launch of Shenzhou 17 manned spacecraft.

Henan KuangshanCrane Congratulations on the successful launch of the Shenzhou manned spacecraft

At 11:14 p.m. on October 26, Shenzhou 17 manned spacecraft was successfully launched from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. At the same time, from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, four hospitals Xi'an Aerospace Composites Research Institute project site came the good news, our company manufactured more than 20 sets (sets) of large-span, high-precision new cranes, of which 12 crane boutique has been successfully delivered for the production of ancillary materials for China's aerospace major projects to provide equipment to support the production of supporting materials to help manned spaceflight, lunar exploration, BeiDou navigation, Mars exploration and other major aerospace mission Smooth implementation.

It is reported that in the manned spaceflight project tasks, China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, the Fourth Academy has been known as the astronauts "tower of life" of the rocket escape rescue system of all the power units, "Shenzhou" spacecraft, a full set of structural sealing systems and other product development and production The mission of the company is to develop and produce.

ton single girder overhead crane

ton double trolley double girder overhead crane

Henan Mining successfully completed the load test of 160t+160t new explosion-proof double girder overhead travelling crane made by China Aerospace Corporation.

Chasing the light and pursuing the sun, the clouds and the nine skies.

Henan Mining joins hands with China Aerospace Corporation to create splendor.

Henan Mining Helps China Aerospace Make Major Breakthroughs.

Henan Mining Bridge Crane helps China's aerospace

Henan Mining joins hands with China Aerospace Science and Technology Group to write a new chapter of aerospace power.

ton double girder overhead crane

In recent years, China's aerospace industry ushered in the rapid development of a new generation of launch vehicle production demand is rising year by year, the required solid rocket engine composite shells and other ancillary urgent need for large-scale production, Henan Mining, as an important lifting equipment supplier of the Fourth Academy of Space Technology, to undertake all kinds of aerospace products in the production process of lifting operations.

The two sides once again join hands, through their respective product advantages and technical strength, for the development of China's aerospace industry to contribute their strength, and jointly write a new chapter in the construction of aerospace power.

Salute! China Aerospace.

Endeavor! Henan Mining.

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