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Environmental Protection And Embark The Green Development.

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Spacious and bright workshop, Blue ventilation ducts throughout the workshop,

Become a beautiful landscape in Henan mining workshop

This is a wet dust removal and environmental protection equipment developed by Henan Mine based on the characteristics of the crane manufacturing workshop. It is commonly known as “water dust removal equipment”. It is a close contact between dusty gas and liquid (usually water), using inertial collision of water droplets and particles. And use the sufficient mixing of water and dust to capture soot particles.


The wet dust removal device can remove water vapor and some toxic and harmful gas pollutants in the gas while removing dust particles of dusty gas. Therefore, the wet dust remover can remove dust and treat the gas as exhaust gas. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small occupied area, convenient operation and maintenance and high purification efficiency, and has high exhaust gas treatment efficiency for purifying high specific resistance, high humidity, high temperature, flammable and explosive dust-containing gas. Minimize the possibility of fire and explosion. The air quality in the workshop has been significantly improved.

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As a responsible crane manufacturer, Henan Mine insists on taking environmental protection work as the top political task of the company in the current and future period. It is willing to invest heavily, according to system planning, regardless of cost, no return, and construction period. Although the company has increased the cost of purchasing and renovating environmental protection facilities, we believe it is necessary and worthwhile.

In recent years, the company has increased investment in new technologies, new equipment, new product research and development, etc., vigorously develop green manufacturing, and seek transformation in green development.

  • First, process innovation, reduce energy consumption

In 2013, the company cooperated with Beijing Crane Transportation Machinery Design and Research Institute, hired German crane experts, and completed the “Single Beam Crane Flexible Production Line Project” according to ergonomics and workpiece flow.