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Four sets battery transfer car and 13sets turntable plate exported to Saudi Arabia

27 Dec, 2016

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Location: Saudi Arabia Date: 27 Dec, 2016 Products: transfer car Application: transport oil tank material

Project Details:

At 18th Jan 2014, we got one inquiry from Mr.Basem, who is the manager of ALMAJDOUIE. After comparing with other company, he sent one email through
One steel structure company designed new workshop drawing for ALMAJDOUIE, and it need more than 30 sets crane in the new workshop. Due to designer not professional design crane support beam, Mr. Basem find our company(Henan Kuangshan Crane Co) and let us help them solve this problem.

Although no need gives the price just give suggestions about sizes of support beam, our engineer checks these drawing carefully and give them right suggestion. So our works devote to service customer and solve problems

At 3rd Apr 2014, Mr. Basel from ALMAJDOUIE give us one formal inquiry about transfer car and turntable.

The design of Transfer Car—3D Picture

  • After consider these special work environment, we give customer two design drawing, one is normal type another is high quality design. Of course customer had contact some other supplier in the first step, after compare technical support and service, we win the order finically.10
  • In order to show our design and technical more clearly, we design 3D picture to customer:
  • Considering Saudi Arabia wet environment, we add some protection on our control box and wheels.

Client visit our factory

  • At 23rd July, Mr Basem and Mr Mohammed visit our factory before place the order. Although visit time is these Ramadan, they still stay our factory for four days. After meeting with our engineer and check our crane production line, they confirmed the order and call purchase department to prepare the PO.6
  • img of our factory in the meeting room7
  • img of our factory in the meeting room9
  • img of our factory in the meeting room5
  • At 16th Dec 2014, before production transfer car and cranes, our manager visit customer workshop to check these installation place. Because it is very special products, so we want to check everything.

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