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Henan Kuangshan Crane 10th Mid-Autumn Festival of Filial Piety and Culture Was Grandly Held!

28 Sep, 2023 10th Mid Autumn Festival of Filial Piety1

Midsummer rain, moist Henan mine

Walking for filial piety, hand in hand with goodness

After twenty-one years of filial piety culture precipitation

Henan Kuangshan Crane Tenth Mid-Autumn Filial Piety Culture Festival, from September 25-28 (lunar calendar August 11 to 14) in the teeth of the transmission of heavy lifting ecological industry chain advanced manufacturing demonstration park was held.

This is a large-scale filial piety and respect for the elderly feast, every day to invite more than 3,600 employees parents for four consecutive days to participate in the Mid-Autumn Festival filial piety culture dinner.

Secretary Cui Peijun made a speech to send blessings and personally offered flowers, gift money, filial wine and gifts to the parents of employees. At the same time, he presented awards to 8 excellent suppliers and 29 11th "Kuangshan Crane Filial Piety Star".

At this moment, we enjoy the filial piety culture feast and welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival together!

Leader's speech, grand opening

Secretary Cui Peijun's speech

Filial Piety Star Recognition, Inheriting Filial Piety and Goodness,Secretary Cui Peijun awarded the "mine filial stars".

Part 1: Filial piety and good culture, everlasting and new.

Opening Dance"Filial Piety Passes on to Ten Thousand Families".

Poetry Recitation "Filial Piety in Kuangshan".

Song Crosstalk

Part 2: Walking Toward Goodness and Warmth.

Part 3: Defying Difficulties, Shining in God's Country

Part 4: Thankful for your company,Filial Piety and Respect for the Elderly

th Mid Autumn Festival of Filial Piety

In the name of filial piety, walk with one heart. "My employees I come to spoil, only employees rich, I can be at peace ...... even if you stay in Henan mine for a day, you have to do filial piety and honor your parents." Cui Peijun secretary's deep long-cherished wishes, in the first mid-autumn filial piety culture festival site, touched every employee parents. Gratitude mine, filial piety mine, become the shining business card of all mine people.

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