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Henan Kuangshan Crane Helps Construction Of A Thermal Power Project in Indonesia

14 Sep, 2023 Thermal Power Project1

Henan Kuangshan Crane actively responded to the national "Belt and Road" initiative, based on the intelligent, green, high-quality development of the wisdom of manufacturing advantages, the implementation of high-quality goods strategy, to help the construction of a thermal power project in Indonesia.

Following the Pakistan waste heat power generation, Congo mining, Bangladesh power plant, Serbia copper and other key projects of the "Belt and Road", Henan Kuangshan Crane contracted a power plant in Indonesia, thermal power construction project crane products, once again shine on the international stage. After the completion of the project, will effectively alleviate the Moro Wali Industrial Park, the current situation of electricity, to promote economic cooperation between China and Indonesia, China and ASEAN is of great significance.

With excellent product quality and good service reputation, Henan Kuangshan Crane's export business has increased significantly, with many consecutive batch shipments and on-schedule deliveries, which have been unanimously recognized by foreign customers, and the international influence of Henan Kuangshan Crane has been steadily increasing.

Thermal Power Project

The project is a key project in Indonesia under the "Belt and Road" initiative and is located in Green Mountain Industrial Park, Moro Wali Regency, central Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. The two sets of 120t new type double girder overhead cranes manufactured by the company for the project, with the technical advantages of safety, reliability, smooth operation and accurate positioning, have helped the construction of 3 sets of 380MW supercritical primary intermediate reheat condensing coal-fired generating units.

In recent years, Henan Kuangshan Crane comprehensively promote the transformation and upgrading from strong to fine, continue to enhance the strength of R & D and manufacturing, and constantly expand the domestic and international market scale, support the development of the national "One Belt, One Road" along the economic zones, and contribute to the promotion of China's high-quality development of the lifting equipment manufacturing industry with the advantages of the industry's intellectual manufacturing.

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