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Henan KuangshanCrane to Manufacture 59 Cranes to Help Customers to Promote Industrial Transformation and Upgrading

26 Apr, 2023 32t intelligent grab cranes1 1

Recently, our company for Guangxi Fin Ji Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. manufactured 59 units (sets) of various types of crane products, including four 32t intelligent grab cranes used in the enterprise 2060m ³ blast furnace project construction, for the transformation and upgrading of the project to provide intelligent equipment support.

Intelligent grab crane is a crane according to the set process route, under program control automatically run to the process of the specified position, after completing all the grabbing instructions, the crane automatically return to the standby station, to achieve the automatic positioning of the production process handling, but also to avoid some obstacles, to complete some of the more delicate and accurate work, in order to improve the intelligence of the product handling. The products have been widely used in metallurgy, electric power, coal, brewing and other pillar industries of the national economy.

Technical Advantages

  1. The equipment is customized according to the requirements of the customer's capacity replacement strategy, in line with the development trend of industrial greening, and customized for the project site conditions.
  2. Equipped with PLC control system, positioning system, anti-shaking control and other intelligent integrated systems, accurate positioning and efficient operation.
  3. The machine adopts wide box heavy structure, high fatigue strength, and can cope with high temperature, high humidity and high fog environment.
  4. Combined with the intelligent sensing system, it can realize various operations such as automatic grasping, placing and dumping of materials in the high fog environment with extremely low visibility.
  5. No need for on-site operation, on-site management through the remote scheduling management system, the work intensity of workers has been greatly reduced.


In recent years, Henan KuangshanCrane has been increasing intelligent, green, lightweight crane R & D efforts, a large number of crane boutique used in iron and steel smelting, aerospace shipping, petrochemical and other key engineering fields. The strong combination with Guangxi Fin Ji Steel, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, hand in hand to build ten million tons of new metallurgical materials (steel) base, not only highlights the strength of Henan Mining's innovation and creativity, but also the two sides in the depth of technological innovation and other aspects of cooperation to lay a solid foundation.

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