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HENAN MINE丨The Special Gifts For Workers

23 Dec, 2018 1R 205ihReiO01ZItLUZUg

Special gift, warm home! Cui Peijun, founder of Henan Mine, issued a special welfare to the staff!

All the company's business managers, employees and their immediate family members need to use the vehicle for marriage. The company will be supply free carts including the world's top Harley-Davidson, the flagship business car Mercedes-Benz Maybach S600, Hummer cross-country H2, off-road luxury car George Barton, luxury coach Coster COASTER, Yutong's 45-seat luxury bus.


Mercedes-Benz Maybach S600
1R 205ihReiO01ZItLUZUg

Hummer cross-country H2
TUHwAwl7T1WkELrZy Tq7A

Off-road Luxury car George Barton

Luxury Coach Coster COASTER

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