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Two Sets Double Girder EOT Crane Export to Thailand

12 Mar, 2024

Country: Thailand
Double girder EOT crane
Capacity: 30/10t
Span: 22.5m
Lifting height: 12.6m
Main Lifting apeed: 3/0.3m/min
Aux Lifting apeed: 0.7/7m/min
Work duty: A4

In the year 2023, our company had the privilege of providing a double-girder crane to a valued customer in Thailand. This customer was impressed with the performance and reliability of the crane after using it for six months. So impressed, in fact, that they recommended our company to a new customer.

After six months of discussions, negotiations, and factory inspections, the new customer decided to place an order with us for their own double-girder crane. However, there was a sense of urgency as the construction schedule was tight and the customer needed the crane as soon as possible. Recognizing the importance of meeting their needs, our dedicated workers went above and beyond, working overtime to ensure timely completion of the project.

Within a remarkable 35-day period, our skilled team successfully manufactured not one, but two double-girder bridge machines for our new customer. This achievement was a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver under demanding circumstances.

To ensure the safety and quality of the cranes during transportation, we made a thoughtful decision to order open-top cabinets for the customers.These cabinets provide several advantages, including protecting the crane components from any potential damage during transit. The open-top design also allows for easy inspection and maintenance of the cranes, ensuring that they arrive at their destination in optimal condition.

Furthermore, the open-top cabinets maximize space utilization, allowing for efficient packing and reducing the risk of any parts shifting or moving during transportation. This not only ensures the integrity of the paint surface but also minimizes the chances of any accidents or mishaps during the journey.

Double girder crane export to Thailand

Double girder crane export to Thailand packaging

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