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The Ultimate Guide to Crane Ropes Selection: Everything You Need to Know

10 Oct, 2023 kscrane CraneRope title

A number of factors need to be considered when selecting crane ropes to ensure that the right rope is chosen for the particular application and engineering requirements. Different ropes are required for different parts of different equipment. How to select wire rope for crane? Below for you to summarize the various types of crane corresponding to the type of wire rope, to help you easily choose the right crane wire rope.

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Wire Rope Features:

  • Rope twisting distance is the same
  • Compact strand structure
  • High breaking tension
  • Good fatigue resistance
  • Good bending performance, high flexibility, excellent coiling performance
  • Compacted structure, anti-extrusion
  • Reduced elongation, stable performance
  • Reduced sheave wear
  • Cost-effective, long service life, reduce rope change and stopping loss


Wire Rope Features:

  • Consistent twist pitch of the wire rope, average force on the wire rope, improving the service life of the wire rope.
  • Good rotational resistance, verified by internal torque and torque test of wire rope.
  • Anisotropic strand compaction structure makes the wire rope very excellent contact surface, can increase the contact area of the rope operation, reduce the lateral wear of the rope.
  • More rounded and smooth surface, with a larger metal area, has a super high resistance to testing pressure and extrusion.
  • Very high breaking tension and modulus of elasticity.
  • Full lubrication of each strand of the rope during the manufacturing process.


Wire Rope Features:

  • A high-performance anti-rotation wire rope for lifting compacted strands
  • Excellent anti-rotation properties
  • High breaking tension
  • Good bending fatigue properties
  • Very flexible rope structure
  • Good service life
  • Excellent resistance to crushing and abrasion
  • Good structural stability
  • Outer strand compaction, abrasion and crush resistance

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