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EOT Crane

  • To meet different requirements of our custom, we provide not only the full form of EOT crane but also crane components. As is sound, the eot cranes full form system consists of three major components: the bridge crane, which traverses across the runway, the hoist or trolley, which traverses across the bridge and lifts up and down the runway, which is tied to the building structure. If eot crane full form components is your only need, we can provide the high quality as same as the cranes at a cheaper cost.
EOT Crane usually operate
In a particularly hostile environment caused by heat, dust, fumes, corro-sive atmosphere.
Applied industry of machinery production, assembling, petrochemicals, warehouse logistics, electric power construction, papermaking and railways.
In 24-hour continuous service for more than 300 days per year.
KBK type light weight crane
KBK Crane>

KBK modular crane system enable customers to quickly and reliably handle and precisely position a variety of goods. And it enable goods to be easily transported. KBK double-girder suspension cranes provide fast, reliable and precise positioning for all loads, including heavy loads with large span dimensions. KBK suspension cranes feature:

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Single Girder Crane>

Single girder crane is composed by the main girder,end carriages, electric hoist, and electric control system. As it has firm structure, light weight and small size, it is widely used in factories.

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Double Girder Eot Crane>

Products Description According to the difference of the motor,we devide double girder crane into two categorites: Double girder eot crane with hoist: It is composed by the main girder, end carriages, electric hoist with trolley, and electric control system. It is widely used in plants, warehouses or materials such as coil handling, container lift, railway […]

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Underhung Eot Crane>

Underhung eot crane is suitable for factory, warehouse building which has limited headroom above. The structure is flexible, safe and reliable operation. A suspension runway is suspended from the roof of the building and is available only on lighter capacities, usually 10 tons or less.

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