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Whole Crane Manufacturing Plant

We have 600,000 square meters of factory
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Crane Parts

We have been offering crane part to crane users ever since the establishment of us company. Our engineers can help you to make the best options by knowing the need in detail. Our goal is not just sale crane parts to you but to establish long-term relations of business!

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Gantry Crane

Goliath gantry cranes have become a widely accepted alternative to overhead cranes. Considering all the factors often costs less than a eot crane. So, rail mounted gantry crane for sale that we provide is usually the better choose.


EOT Crane

To meet different requirements of our custom, we provide not only the full form of EOT crane but also crane components. As is sound, the eot cranes full form system consists of three major components: the bridge crane, which traverses across the runway, the hoist or trolley, which traverses across the bridge and lifts up and down the runway, which is tied to the building structure. If eot crane full form components is your only need, we can provide the high quality as same as the cranes at a cheaper cost.

Jib Crane

Jib crane type usually consists of a horizontal beam, a lifting hoist and a floor mounted pillar. They can simply be divided into two type: free standing crane and wall mounted jib crane. For wall mounted jib crane, there is no need for the floor mounted pillar. The horizontal beam mounted to the wall instead of the floor mounted. It is usually used to lift medium and light weight in factory and plants.

low hearoom wire rope electric hoist

Electric Crane Hoist

As one of the best suppliers in China, we can provide every kinds of hoist, such as electric hoist, chain hoist, low headroom hoist, European type hoist and PA model mini hoist. Our company can produce the electric crane hoist that’s right for your needs whether it be an explosion-proof hoist, low headroom jib crane hoist, or a custom design according to the different work environment. Contact us, we will make the best solutions with a most cost effective to meet your need.

KPJ cable reel type

Transfer Car

Transfer car include six series transfer trolleys(KPD Series, KPX Series, KPJ Series and KPT Series) with the load from 1ton-300tons. Strong designing group can design all kinds of special standard transfer carts, such as turning transfer carts, hand trolley, mining industry using flat trolley, crane, crane trolley, crane parts, ladle transfer trolley, climbing capacity, imple operation,long driving range, low noise, easy maintenance and easy remote control without wire.These rail transfer carts are suitable for transportation in various environments and are widely used in these fields of metallurgy, coal, electronics, heavy industry, shipbuilding and light industry.

Our promise is to build value into every product and project, while delivering professional expertise,
exceptional customer service and quality of manufacture.

About KuangShan

KuangShan Group Building Cranes since 1984 year

Ever since 1984, Lanri has been and continues to be a professional overhead crane manufacturer. And from 2002 year, Lanri Brand had changed to Kuangshan Group, Up to now, Kuangshan Group has been an overhead crane industry leader. .

At KuangShan,we don’t just sell products

We assist our customers in the design, manufacture, installation and start-up phases, foroverhead lifting projects across the word.We provide overhead crane sales, installation, service, parts, and repair for all our customers w orld wide.

At KuangShan,we trust in technical innovation

With a total floorspace of 600,000m2, our group has 2360 employees, including 15 senior engineers, 68 engineers, 95 assistant engineers and 230 senior technical workers. our company has obtained 26 patents related to overhead cranes.

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