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Underhung Eot Crane

1.Briefly Introduction

  • Designed and manufactured strictly according to national standards.
  • It’s a light-small kind fitted with single speed and double speed electric hoists.
  • Mainly used in the factories and warehouses with limited space.
  • It owns tight dimension, low building headroom, light dead weight and light wheel load.
  • A suspension runway is suspended from the roof of the building and is available only on lighter capacities, usually 10 tons or less.


Underhung eot crane is usually used to load and move goods at workshops and warehouses.
  • Construction industry
  • Cement industry
  • Steel Plants
  • Paper Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Dock Yards
Note: It is forbidden to work in environment with combustible, explosive and corrosive media. It can be controlled from the ground,remote control, ground and remote control etc.

3.Conventional Configuration

  • Limit switches : for avoiding the hoisting and lowering of hook over acceptable limits
  • Push Button Stations : constructed with extruded aluminium section to impart features of a lightweight structures and 
  • Soft Starts : smooth starting done by electric or electronic modules that are attached to long travel drives
  • Maintenance Platform with Hand Railing :underhung bridge crane is extended completely or partially beside the girder to allow easy maintenance and simple operation
  • Shrouded Bus Bar Arrangement : for accommodating multiple cranes in one bay in a safe manner, this arrangement is fixed along the gantry

4.More choice we have

  • Two speeds in all drives
  • Separate push button station for large jobs
  • Limit switches and brakes in cross travel drive
  • Radio remote control for wireless control
  • Configurations

  • Capacities: fdhi6r7uk
  • Span: we4e635
  • Fully customized solutionsare available ahead standard configurations.
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