Grab Bucket

Grab bucket is an efficient tool for loading and unloading sands, coal, mineral powder and bulk chemical fertilizer.The mechanical structure for opening/closing is succinct and original. It is easy to use and can work under any circumstances in order. The grab bucket is equipped for the crane which has two hoisting drums and used for grabbing bulk materials.  Now the grabs are widely used in ports, electricity, vessel, metallurgy, preservation and transportation, and are exported in batches.


  1. Using 3D Virtual Design, by Collision and Interference Checking and taking Dynamic Simulation Test, the products can be showed in the stage of design intuitively, which can secure the product’s quality and outward appearance.
  2. By Simulating the various working conditions the bulk grab may service for, using ANSYS to strength check and Optimize the main parts of the equipment which make the weight distribution more reasonable, stress distribution more optimization and the service life longer.

Technical specification

Model Volume m3 type Rate of material t/m3 Pulley rate Pulley dia. Rope dia. Grab self-weight t Using crane capacity t
U1 1 Heavy >1.8~2.9 5 Ø350 Ø14-16 2.1 5
U2 1.5 middle >1.0~1.8 5 Ø350 Ø14-16 2.25 5
U3 2.5 Light >0.5~1.0 3 Ø350 Ø14-16 2.38 5
U4 2 Heavy >1.8~2.9 5 Ø500 Ø18~20 3.94 10
U5 3 Middle >1.0~1.8 5 Ø500 Ø18~20 4.4 10
U6 5 Light >0.5~1 3 Ø500 Ø18~20 4.6 10
U7 3 heavy >1.8~2.9 5 Ø610 Ø21.5 6.4 15
U8 4.5 middle >1.0~1.8 5 Ø610 Ø21.5 6.98 15
U21 2.5 light 0.86 4 Ø400 Ø16 10.3 2.83
U27 2 middle >1.0~1.6 5 Ø400 Ø16 12.2 2.5