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Casting Electric Wire Rope Hoist


It is a kind of special lifting equipment used in small and medium-sized metallurgical workplace.
  • The electric hoist job level up to M6.
  • Lifting mechanism configuration has a support brake and safety brakes, when tapered motor brake failure or intermediate transmission links fails, installed in high- speed reducer shaft of the dc electromagnetic brake or installed in the drum brake began to act, ratchet wheel brake, avoid heavy- weight to stall dangerous.
  • With a double limit on the limit function.
  • Weight limit protection.
  • High temperature heat insulation protection function.
  • Lifting motor and running the insulation of the motor by H class and grade in lifting motor overheating protection device placed in the windings.
  • The special occasion of wire rope configuration metallurgy high strength and high temperature wire rope.
  • Control way give priority to the remote control.
  • Configurations

  • Capacities: sfgsfdgsdg
  • Span: sdgsdgdg
  • Fully customized solutionsare available ahead standard configurations.
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