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Jib Crane

  • Jib crane type usually consists of a horizontal beam, a lifting hoist and a floor mounted pillar. They can simply be divided into two type: free standing crane and wall mounted jib crane. For wall mounted jib crane, there is no need for the floor mounted pillar. The horizontal beam mounted to the wall instead of the floor mounted. It is usually used to lift medium and light weight in factory and plants.
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Jib Crane usually operate
Widely used in machinery manufacturing, automotive, shipbuilding and other modern industrial production lines, assembly lines, assembly line warehouses, terminals, laboratories and other occasions.
Construction simple, operation convenience, take up the less space, working in the designated area
Belong to the small and middle type crane.
Free Standing Jib Cranex
Free Standing Jib Crane>

Free standing jib crane,also called pillar jib crane, are extremely versatile units which can easily be adapted to the customers specific requirements. For example, pillar jib crane can be mounted in any position. Electric wire rope or chain hoists are available as options, as are electric hoist travel and electric slewing gear.

Capacities: Span:
Wall Mounted Jib Crane featux
Wall Mounted Jib Crane>

No need the swing column again as free standing jib crane.The wall mounted jib crane could be mounted on the column which exist in the workshop and make it as the swing column, so it could save your cost. This kind of wall jib crane does not occupy the ground area and has the simple frame.

Capacities: 0.25t, 0.5t, 1t, 2t, 3t,5t,6t Span: 2-10m
Wall Traveling Jib Cranex
Wall Traveling Jib Crane>

This type is designed for operation on a lower level beneath a large travelling crane system. It is a special machine used in the workshop of machine manufacturing and assembling, it slews on the wall through the rail mounted on the wall of multilayer assembly shop. Wall traveling jib crane can serve several working stations at the same time.

Capacities: 0.25t, 0.5t, 1t, 2t, 3t,5t,6t Span: 2-10m