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Grab Crane

Products Description

The grab crane mainly consists of strong bridge beam( main beams and end beams with no juncture welding),electric trolley (motors are heavy duty YZR model )and electrical system(Simens brand or Schneider brand) and Grab(can open and close at any height). The grab crane manufactured by our company can implement lifting and conveying strictly to ensure normal work of garbage-cremation power plant.

Application place

  • This equipment is specially used for balk cargo and granule materiel like ore, limestone, coal and sand , etc in the warehouse and workshop of metallurgical, cement, chemical and other plants.
  • The crane can be used for both indoor and outdoor operations and water-proof cloth is needed in out door operation
  • According to demand, it can be matched sugar cane grab, trash grab, lumber grab and so on.
  • Grab crane is only used to move granular materials.
  • Not be used in explosion, flammable, corrosive, toxic places, etc.
  • Not lifting Melton metal, poisonous, flammable, explosive materials.

Optional Features

We produce hydraulic, mechanic, radio remote control grabs. Our some products are as below:
  • Radio remote control grabs
  • Single wired mechanic touch down grabs
  • Electro hydraulic orange peel grabs
  • Electro hydraulic grabs
  • Mechanic orange peel grabs
  • Single wired mechanic pull rope grabs
  • Mechanic double wired grab
  • Configurations

  • Capacities:
  • Span:
  • Fully customized solutionsare available ahead standard configurations.
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