Transfer Car

Transfer car include six series transfer trolleys(KPD Series, KPX Series, KPJ Series and KPT Series) with the load from 1ton-300tons. Strong designing group can design all kinds of special standard transfer carts, such as turning transfer carts, hand trolley, mining industry using flat trolley, crane, crane trolley, crane parts, ladle transfer trolley, climbing capacity, imple operation,long driving range, low noise, easy maintenance and easy remote control without wire.These rail transfer carts are suitable for transportation in various environments and are widely used in these fields of metallurgy, coal, electronics, heavy industry, shipbuilding and light industry.


Turnplate Rail Transfer Cart

Steel coil transfer cart

Steel Coil Transfer Cart

ladle transfer cart

Ladle transfer cart

KPX Battery Transfer Carts

KPX Battery Transfer Cart

KPJ Cable Reel Cart

KPJ Cable Reel Cart

KPT Mobile Cable Cart

KPT Mobile Cable Cart